How to Make 5 Drawer Tool Chests

Jan 24th
Yellow 5 Drawer Tool Chest
Yellow 5 Drawer Tool Chest

5 drawer tool chest – It is annoying to try to drive a chest of drawers close and has it suddenly stop moving. Fingers pinch and frustration increases. Antique and older wood cabinets tend to be affect by the humidity of a home. Summer heat, wood stove heat and rainy weather can affect furniture in a house. Swelling and drying of dresser material cause wooden drawers to hold in the opening. So save dresser and maintain boxes for easy image opening and closing.


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Pull out the 5 drawer tool chest in the dresser unit. If it is stuck fast, then move the furniture near a safe source of heat and let it sit for a few days. Try to remove the box again after the warmer temperature reduces swelling. Check the box to see if there are any protruding nails or broken pieces of wood that cause the problem. Look into the dresser opening to see if something has fallen into the area that can keep the box from moving properly. Remove any obstacles.

Use a hammer to pull any nail that protrudes from the wood and replace it with a new one. Reinforce all metal parts and rub or spray lubricants on the pieces. If a metal part is bent, rusty or broken, replace it with a new one. Rub beeswax, a white candle or a bar of plain soap along the bottom and bottom sides of the box. Lubricate all parts of the 5 drawer tool chest interior that the drawer will slide over. Check the box for uneven areas if it still sticks. Sand any uneven parts of wood that keep the box from moving smoothly. Re-apply soap or beeswax lubricant and insert the box into the office.

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