How to Make Modern Bookcase

Oct 10th
modern bookcase ideas
modern bookcase ideas

Modern bookcase – Reuse sturdy cardboard boxes that have the movers or parcels, and manufacture a bookcase or bookcase with them. While taking steps to strengthen the shelf to prevent collapse, probably be best to leave the heavier textbooks and other hardcover books in the lower section of your bookshelf fact boxes. Place heavy books on the bottom will also help reinforce the bookshelf along the bottom, so well, will remain in place without much effort.

The modern bookcase, use the larger boxes to the stand base. Turn boxes that open side of each box is facing out; if necessary, more parts are refuérzalas thick cardboard glued on the inside of each box. Glue three or four large boxes, and beer, with hot glue. Let the glue dry for about 10 minutes.

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Modern bookcase, cuts and places another piece of thick cardboard on top of the three or four boxes attached as additional reinforcement. Use two or three boxes a little smaller, they are well on larger boxes; cardboard thereof added reinforcements on the sides of the boxes, as previously made. Place the boxes in a way focused on larger boxes to form a pyramid. Glue them looking out to the top of the first floor of boxes and glue them together by their sides.

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