How to Paint Hardware Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

Feb 26th
Wooden Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe
Wooden Mirrored Armoire Wardrobe

Mirrored armoire wardrobe – Hardware can break the appearance of cabinets, doors and wardrobes. Outdated hardware can make the whole room look dated. Instead of spending money to replace the hardware on a mirrored wardrobe, consider the cheaper way to paint the hardware. The whole process only takes a few days and the color usually stays up well with use. Spray paint comes in a variety of colors as well as metallic surfaces.


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Remove hardware from the closet doors. Unscrew hardware with a screwdriver. Carefully work so that you do not damage the mirrored armoire wardrobe while removing the hardware. Clean hardware with degreasing soap and water to remove dirt and grease. Create multiple holes in a cardboard. The holes should be large enough for the hardware screws to fit through. Install the hardware screws through the paper holes. Put a cloth in a well-ventilated area. Place the cardboard sheet on a cloth.

Prime hardware with a spray surface primer. Keep the jar primer about 12 inches from the hardware. Spray the primer on the hardware. Allow the first layer to dry completely before a second light coat. Let the other coat dry. Paint the paint with spray paint in your chosen color. Keep the color 12 inches from the hardware and move the can in a reciprocating motion during spraying. Always keep the jar in motion while spraying so that you do not get large amounts of paint on an area of ​​the hardware. Spray several layers of paint on the hardware, so that each layer of paint dries before the next coat. Leave the color of the hardware to dry for several days before connecting it to the mirrored armoire wardrobe door.

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