How to Paint Small Armoire

Oct 3rd
Traditional Small Armoire
Traditional Small Armoire

Small armoire – Painted furniture gives color and interest to all rooms. If you have an antique chestnut with worn color or outdated paint, repainting it’s a way to brighten up and customize your interior. Learning to paint about an agency will serve the DIY decorator in decorating any furniture.


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Remove the drawers from the target and remove the steering wheel and pull so that surfaces can be painted without interference. Prepare surfaces by cleaning with mild detergent. Sand surfaces of small armoire with 120-grit sandpaper to scratch on the surface. This provides a suitable surface for new color to adhere to. Clean with a damp cloth. Pour a small amount of color into a small paint bag or bucket. Using a separate container prevents contamination of the paint can with rubbish and dried paint as you dip the brush into it.

Apply first coat hair using a synthetic brush. Brush each small armoire surface with the wood’s vein. Allow to dry overnight. Sand first coat with 220 grit sandpaper to remove dust dots and bubbles. Use a soft feel and stroke with the wood’s vein. Clean with a damp cloth. Apply the second coat hair thinly and evenly. As always, brush with the grain and maintain a wet edge as you move from one section to another to ensure a smooth surface, free of excessive brush pressure. Allow to dry overnight. Replace the hardware and close the boxes to finish the project.

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