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July 24, 2019 Interior Designs

How to Sew a Daybed Cover for a Twin Bed

How to Sew a Daybed Cover for a Twin Bed? Below are directions!

1.Measure one end of the sleeping pad to the next. Include 2 inches and record this estimation.

2.Measure from the front of the sleeping pad to the back. Include 2 inches and record this estimation.

3.Measure from the floor to the top edge of the sleeping pad on both finishes and the front. Add 3 inches to each of these estimations and record the estimations. These estimations ought to be about the same estimation.

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4.Daybed cover out the fabric on an extensive level region, with the once more of the material confronting up.

5.Cut the material on the lines. Pin a bit of paper to this bit of fabric and imprint it as the highest point of your daybed cover.

6.Utilizing the estimations from Steps 1-3,.create four more rectangles for each one side of your daybed cover.

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7.Cover the top piece out and pin one of the other four bits of material to it, being certain to match up the edge lengths.

8.Sew the two stuck sorts out with a sewing machine.

9.Sew corners. Lay the cover over the daybed cover, with the creases confronting out, stick the corners shut and afterward sew them.

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10.Fix the cover.

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