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November 1, 2019 Armoire Ideas

How to Sewing Armoire

Sewing armoire – Sewing can be a satisfying, creative and money-saving hobby, but it can also be a space hog. Between leftover fabrics, bags of unused trim, patterns and the sewing machine itself, the pipe can defeat even the most organized Crafter. You can also paint or bat the armoire, if desired, to coordinate with the interior design of the room.

Sewing Armoire Ideas

Sewing Armoire Ideas


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Open the armoire doors and remove sewing armoire, if possible. Measure the inside of the doors. Cut a piece of cork on board rolling large enough to fit the back of one of the doors, and attach it to the door using adhesive spray. You can use the cork to hold the needles and pins, hold pictures, or hold presses to close plastic bags filled with small pieces of tape or trim. Paint the inside of the remaining armoire door with the blackboard color so that you can have a space for quick sketches or leave you notes.

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Measure the size of your sewing armoire. Using a whole saw on the drill, make a space on the back of your armoire big enough to slide the plunger through. If the armoire is already equipped with a swivel or extendable shelf, use it to hold your machine. If it is not, visit your local hardware store and buy a pair of shelf controls and attach them to one of the armoire shelves. Paint a small wooden box to match the appearance of your armoire. Carefully mark holes about 3 inches apart along the longer sides of the box, measurement to be sure both sides are level.

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