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August 24, 2018 Interior Designs

How to Upholster an Overstuffed Chair

Upholstering an overstuffed chair with new fabric will recharge the look of the chair and your home.


1.Place the old fabric on top of your new fabric. The old fabric will go about as a format for the new fabric to guarantee a fitting fit on the overstuffed chair.

2.Follow the old fabric on to the new fabric utilizing a dark marker.

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3.Cut the new fabric, after the dark marker plot. Abstain from cutting outside of the dark marker plot.

4.Fixate the fabric on the front of the chair back and pull it so it is cozy around the front of the chair back and wrapped around the over of it. Tuck the fabric in the front into the chair arms. Staple the fabric to the once more of the chair back utilizing a staple weapon. Trim any overabundance fabric.

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5.Focus the fabric onto the overstuffed chair arms and fold 1/3 of the fabric closest the chair once again, forward. Cut in the middle of the collapsed fabric utilizing your scissors until you achieve the end of the fold. Unfold and wrap the end of the fabric around the chair arms. Staple the fabric closures to the arms utilizing your staple firearm.

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