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August 11, 2018 Interior Designs

How to Upholster Bench

Upholstering bench can give new life to classic and antique furniture.

Wooden Upholstered Bench

Wooden Upholstered Bench


12 Inspiration Gallery from How to Upholster Bench

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  1. Turn the bench. Locate the clips that attach the old fabric to your frame, and then take them out with staple remover or a piece of needlepoint.
  2. Continue removing the staples until none remain. Some banks have a cushion to sit you should remove by removing the screws on the bottom.
  3. Pull the old cloth carefully frame the bank. If each section of fabric comes in one piece, you can use it as a pattern for the new fabric.
  4. Place the new fabric smooth way with the printed side facing up. Brand pattern bank directly in the new fabric with a pencil. Use a sharp forceps to cut the fabric according to the pattern you created.
  5. Place the cut piece of fabric for the arm of the bank on this. Smooth it with your hand to remove wrinkles. Make taut under the bench and take it to pass between the armrest and the seat of the upholstering bench.
  6. Continue adding the cut fabric to the corresponding part in the same way as in the previous step. Use a staple gun to carefully attach the fabric to the bottom of the upholstering bench.
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