How to Work with Weathered Dresser

Mar 26th
Weathered Pine Original Dresser
Weathered Pine Original Dresser

Weathered dresser can lead to major headaches. They get hugged-packed with all sorts of things that do not necessarily go in the wardrobe. They can make you feel like they would not hold what you needed them, even if you had as much stuff as possible. That’s why you need to use some small wardrobe organization. Make the most of the space you have with specialty hangers, space hangers save and hanger’s velvet. This can make your wardrobe hold up to three times more clothes in an orderly manner.

Just to get started and empty everything out of the closet. There may be more trash inside than you think. Separate everything in piles as it comes out. You will definitely need to start by making some tough decisions about what you want to keep. If it is doubtful, go ahead and put it in a box. Store it in the garage, basement or wind for a while. If you do not miss what’s in it after one year, donate to charity. Sometimes a test run of living without something will help you realize that you do not need it. Meanwhile you can enjoy the increased closet space.

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Make special places for everything. If you have old year’s books, photos, computer equipment, luggage and other items in your closet, you must either make a place for it or get it from there. Sometimes a trunk at the foot of the bed, an armoire, or a wardrobe can house these items and help you clear space for your clothes in the wardrobe.


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