Ideal Alternatives for Truck Bed Drawer System

Dec 13th
Truck Bed Size
Truck Bed Size

Truck bed drawer system – If you have a pick-up you probably want to take full advantage of the load capacity they offer. And the ideal space to load luggage or merchandise is, without a doubt, the box. Obviously the simple cabin trucks are highlight by having more place to load objects. Although the double cabin has a very decent space to take advantage (much more if we compare it with a car or SUV).

The canvas is probably the simplest option when the box cover our van. And this simplicity goes hand in hand with practicality . In the past, the canvases for trucks had eyelets through which a rope was fasten. At present, the canvases for trucks are contain within an aluminum structure that allows greater practicality. Also today the canvases are design with thick fabrics (between 400 and 850 grs x m2) which guarantees high strength.

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Among the latest innovations around the accessories to cover the box of the truck is the retractable cover . The particularity of this accessory for 4 × 4 is that it is design entirely of high strength aluminum. Which guarantees that the merchandise will be totally protect from the weather and also allows our box to be insured since the system has a lock with an inviolable security key .

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