To Install Tongue and Groove Ceiling

Oct 26th
Tongue And Groove Ceiling Installation

The tongue and groove ceilings provide warmth to a room dimension and lacking traditional roofs. Install a tongue and groove ceiling does not take space ceiling height mode makes a false traditional roof, making it a popular choice for many. Remove all existing current ceiling fixings. Measure the length and width of the space.

Bring the action when purchasing the tongue and groove ceiling. Locate the joists using a stud finder. Use a hammer and nail to locate the center of the beams. Put a chalk line along the beam, marking the center.

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Continue this process until all beams are checked.

Place the first board on the roof with the male part against the wall perpendicular to the floor joists. Install the second board by sliding the male part of the second board in the female part of the first, making sure the two sections are tight. Continue this process until the final board has been installed. Spikes last board to the beams just as the first.

Hazel nails using a game. Fill the holes with putty and touch up with paint. Add decorative skirting around the perimeter of the tongue and groove ceiling to get a finish that also hide any gaps caused by the expansion and contraction aspect.

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