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July 24, 2019 Exterior Designs

Installation Of Corrugated Metal Siding

Installation Of Corrugated Metal Siding – Corrugated metal coating is durable and resistant, but these same qualities that make it a great option coating may also make it difficult to install.

Fortunately, corrugated metal siding coating becomes easier to install if you have the right tools, a good plan, a cooperative climate and a few extra hands. But all you really need is the metal, a wall prepared, fitting and fasteners for sheets installed correctly.

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  • prepare the wall so that you are ready for coating corrugated metal. The wires should be bundled and hidden old wood should be removed and replaced with stronger wood to form a solid wall to fix the coating against.
  • Place the first sheet of corrugated metal siding against the wall and screw in place through the drilled holes.
  • continue adding coating leaves so that they overlap as scales as wall cladding. Once all the leaves are added, slide the protective flap on the edges to help protect the leaves from being ripped off and to keep someone accidentally cutting edges. Once the trim is in place and nailed down a wall is done, and you just have to repeat the process on the other walls to Installation of corrugated metal siding.
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