Installing Armoire with Mirror Door

Jul 29th
White Armoire with Mirror Door
White Armoire with Mirror Door

Armoire with mirror door – Hide your garbage and move behind pre-packaged behold doors. Full height armoire can be a catch-all for things. Installing behold doors will reduce the temptation to keep putting things in the armoire for “just a minute.” Behold gap choices are getting better all the time so your armoire does not look like your grandma’s pantry door. Installing them is relatively simple


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Hang armoire with mirror door an existing armoire by carefully measuring the cabinet before buying doors. Draw a sketch of the armoire. Carefully measure the armoire cabinet. Measure full height and width. Measure the opening height and width. Measure any hardware on drawers if the handles protrude outside the front of the cabinet. Add all of the measurements to the sketch. Buy the pre-packed door whenever possible. Custom doors are available, but can be very expensive. Change your design if needed to make use of available sizes and types of pre-packaged sets of doors.

Add color with color, or section wallpaper to match your armoire with mirror door. Sold in pairs, these doors can be made of wood or textured PVC and are often white. Avoid adding additional weight with mirrors. Mount the exterior doors of an armoire to make the installation easier. Use carpentry glue and recessed wood screw to attach a wooden frame to the outside of the front of the armoire. Keep the upper, lower and rails side level and parallel to each other. Attach upper and lower rails for doors to wooden frames. Install the behold doors in the top and bottom rails using spring loaded joints.

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