Installing Dovetail Dresser

May 7th
Solid Wood Dovetail Dresser
Solid Wood Dovetail Dresser

Installing the dresser will increase the functionality of your dovetail dresser. Cabinets let open the door and drawers easier and add a separate look. Different types of draws are available depending on your style. These pulls can be purchased from any home improvement store. Cannot rent a freezer company to install your dresser drawer, do it yourself and save money. If your wooden cabinet is dirty and dirty then you must clean them to prevent damage.


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Place a small amount of masking tape on the front of the door where you will drill. Measurements go to determine the whole distance, using a tape measure. Select a line where the holes should drill, using a tape measure and a pen. Always double-check your measurement before drilling. Drill holes in the cabinet door, using a drill and a drill. You will probably need a 3/16-inch bit. Some dresser doors may require another small size drill. Drill through the wood slowly to keep the wood from tiling. Remove the masking tape from the door of the cabinet. Place the screws that came with the holes previously drilled on the back of the dresser door. Place the dresser in position and tighten the screws using a drill. Repeat these steps with the remaining dresser draws.

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