Instructions for Making Baby Quilt Panels

Jan 27th
Winnie The Pooh Baby Quilt Panels
Winnie The Pooh Baby Quilt Panels

Sometimes your dream of giving a handmade gift seems beyond your knowledge or your lack of time. Making a baby crib cover from a preprinted panel can be the solution. The project requires a minimum of goods and only basic sewing skills. You will be able to complete most baby quilt panels covers on one evening, so it’s a great last minute gift, as well. To do this project, starting with place the panel on a table with the right side facing up. Add a quilt wrap on top of the panel.

The wrap should be the same size as the baby quilt panels, but you will trim it when the patchwork is done. So it does not matter if it is slightly larger than the panel. Place the coordinating fabric on top of the pad, with the wrong side up. This can be slightly larger than the panel. You will trim all layers. Pin through all three layers of T-pin. Since they are longer than usual dressmaker pins, they are easier to use on the thick stack of materials. Place some pins in the center of the panel to prevent the layers from slipping.

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Machine sew around the four sides of fabrics with a 5/8 inch seam on the printed panel. Which means that about four inches open for turning. Trim the seam loans to match on all levels. Cut the seams about one inch apart, careful not to cut through the seam. Turn the quilt and hand sewing the opening. Pinch the layers from center to edges. The more pins you use, the easier the quilting will be, because the layers will remain in place, rather than rynkas. Machine sew round patterns on the baby quilt panels. If desired, use a contrasting color thread to add texture and interest.

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