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September 16, 2018 Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing

When you doing kitchen cabinet refinishing, you need degrease all surfaces that will be painted, any surface must be free of grease. We took closet doors for good access to all areas where fat accumulates and that are difficult to access when put. As we are going to paint then you can use any product on market as no matter who damages brightness or current paint.

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Due to its characteristics, synthetic enamel is most durable. In this room of house, it is advisable not to use water-based products for kitchen cabinet refinishing. Whether we choose to paint with a brush, roller or spray as it is very important to spend one thin coat of sanding primer and then paint between coats.

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Choosing furniture kitchen cabinet refinishing, matte, satin or gloss in final protector and apply a thin layer of a light absorbing as little as possible and make it sturdy. Course for 48 hours would be advisable not to cook

If you have painted your kitchen, we’d love to see it, you can send photos via contact form and help others with your results.

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We hope to help you do a great job and your comments, and thanks for visiting.

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