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September 22, 2019 Dresser Ideas

Let’s Examine Easy Dresser Painting Ideas

On several occasions we have seen images of before and after old wooden dresser painting ideas furniture, some of you have expressed doubts about how the process of renovation of furniture of these characteristics is carried out, what are the steps that must be taken to paint it and renew it completely and what degree of complication they have.

Aqua Dressers Furniture

Aqua Dressers Furniture

Personally I prefer to paint with gloves, hands are stained a lot and then you have to clean them with solvent that is really aggressive for the skin, with the gloves although something will always stain us will be much less, the solvent can also serve to eliminate some accidental stain on the floor, but always with care since it cannot be applied on some surfaces because it deteriorates them.

12 Inspiration Gallery from Let’s Examine Easy Dresser Painting Ideas

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Image of: Aqua Dressers Furniture
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Besides painting, when we renovate a piece of furniture it is fundamental to change the handles, it is an accessory that although it does not look like it is very relevant in the final appearance of the furniture and determinant in the final definition of the style, we can choose steel handles if we want to give a more modern touch to the furniture, I like it a lot, for more classic and rustic styles there are forge and wood handles , other materials, they are glass, plastic …

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