Like Sanding and Repainting Iron Balusters

Nov 3rd
Iron Balusters Outdoor
Iron Balusters Outdoor

Although iron balusters are beautiful, they can become rusty and dingy over time. The iron railings outdoors are especially susceptible to oxidation due to constant exposure to rain. The paint is peeling common in iron railings. Sanding and repainting the iron railings remove rust, peeling paint and restore the beauty original thereof.

Mix equal parts white vinegar and water in a bucket. Rub the iron balusters with a damp cloth in the solution to remove loose dirt, paint and rust. Use a metal spatula or a wire brush to remove loose paint and rust. This will remove any cleaning residue, paint and rust. Let dry railings. You have to achieve a surface as smooth as possible for the paint to adhere properly.

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Spend sandpaper to the iron railings. For a mild oxidation and peeling paint, using an emery cloth. Apply two coats of corrosion resistant primer, allowing it to dry between coats. Use a spray, brush or roller to apply the primer. Apply it in thin, even layers. Let the final coat of primer to dry.

Apply a top layer of corrosion resistant iron balusters in the paint. You can apply the paint in the same manner as the primer. Apply a second layer of paint, if necessary, after drying the first.

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