Make a Rolled Ring Holder for Joyus Jewelry Armoire

Jan 7th
Wall Joyus Jewelry Armoire
Wall Joyus Jewelry Armoire

Joyus jewelry armoire is a decorative storage container for your earrings, necklaces and rings. It can have compartments and drawers to help you organize your shiny things. But if the space for your rings does not have padded rolls, your rings may look like a mess. You can make a rolled ring holder for an existing jewelry box to keep your beautiful things close to hand and comfortably. You insert the band a part of each ring between the rollers so that you can see the stones or decorative part at first glance.


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Measure the space in your joyus jewelry armoire where you want to keep your rings. Cut a piece of satin fabric to these dimensions. Select multiple flexible foam hair rolls with the same diameter. Remove the screws from the ends of the rollers. If the rollers are too long, cut them to fit well into the ring tray with a pair of big scissors. Fits the rolls together side by side inside the ring space. Fill up the entire space with the rollers and fit them tightly. They should be slightly mashed together but not growing out of the box.

Cut a piece of faux suede fabric the same length as the rollers. Make faux suede wide enough to cover a roll when wrapped around the outside with ¼ inch or less overlap where the edges meet. Cut a piece of faux suede the same size for each roll. Remove the rollers from the ring space in the joyus jewelry armoire. Wrap each roll in a piece of faux suede and glue it into place along the seam with fabric glue.

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