Make Smart Bunk Beds with Dresser Built

Sep 15th
Loft Bed With Dresser Underneath

Moving two children into a single room is an option to maximize space in a home. If the children are the right times, this can be done by adding a bunk bed. Bunk beds have come a long way in recent years and they can be found in a variety of configurations that will match well with just about any room size or layout. Some bunk beds come with extra storage space such as a bunk beds with dresser built in. And some again have a desk beneath or other creative options that will make this furniture more convenient for the smaller space.

To build loft bed with dresser underneath, consider the height, especially if the bed is to be used in the children’s room. Chests of drawers with three drawers hold a lot, but often provide a rather high bed. Make a double bed with dressing on both sides. Or put the bed on the wall on one side, as Signe has done. Assemble the chests of drawers and put a plate on the bottom. Remember to drill holes in the plate so that the mattress can breathe.

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Do you want extra space? Make sure that some of the bottom twin loft bed with dresser can be lifted so that the cavity behind the chests of drawers can also be used for storage. Do you have old dressers? They can also be used if they are the same height. Snup Signes idea, and clad the fronts with new wood to give the bed a new (and uniform) look. Same tricks can be used on cabinets that need new life.

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