Making Black Jewelry Armoire for a Wall

Aug 6th
Wood Black Jewelry Armoire
Wood Black Jewelry Armoire

Black jewelry armoire – Clean up in your chest of drawers or vanity by making a jewelry armoire for the wall. Armoire will be within range, giving you extra space for other glamor needs. Recycle an old cabinet door and scrap wooden craft a shallow jewelry armoire. Armoire will organize your sparkling fashion accessories, so you can keep your necklaces, while creating an artistic addition to your room’s interior.


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Measure the width of the cabinet door. Using this measurement, cut two one-of-4-inch discs using a jigsaw or saw. These are the top and bottom of your black jewelry armoire frame. Measure the length of the cabinet door. Subtract the thickness of that of the upper and lower frame decorations. Cut two 1-by-4 discs using this measurement. These are the sides of the frame. Stand each of the four saw boards on one of their long sides. Place the discs in a frame shape. Place the top and bottom discs over the ends of the side boards. Adjust edges and corners so that they are even.

Drill two guide holes at each black jewelry armoire corner, from the outside of the upper and lower frame edges to the ends of the side branches, using a 1/32-inch drill. Place 1 1/2-inch wood screws in the pilot hole and fasten with a screwdriver. Place a scrap piece of recycled window film over the frame. This is the back of the frame. Use a staple gun to hold the screen to the back of the frame. Staple on all four edges of the frame. Trim the edges of the screen even with the rear edge of the frame using the utility scissors. The screen is to hang the earrings.


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