Making cement pavers Ideas

Oct 17th
12×12 Concrete Pavers

Cement pavers can serve purely utilitarian, such as the creation of a walkway through a garden, marking a path through a lawn or a heavy container support functions flower. They can also be decorative additions to your lawn or garden. Embellish homemade cobblestones before the cement to dry by adding objects, pictures or use templates or cookie cutters to add images. Make decorative paving stones is a great project for kids and adults to do together.

Mix a batch of cement pavers following the manufacturer’s instructions in the bucket or wheelbarrow, depending on how much you will need. Cover cake pans or other molds with cooking spray. Fill cake pans or other molds to the top or to a depth of 1 1/2 inches, whichever is greater, with the cement pavers. Tap in the mold in the soil to remove air bubbles. Draw a piece of scrap wood over the top of the wet concrete to level it.

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Decorate the top of the paving stone ornaments made ​​shapes with cookie cutters or drawings made ​​with wooden sticks. Wait for dry cobblestones; consult the manufacturer’s instructions for synchronization. Turn the mold over and click on the pavement outside the molds, or cut disposable cake pans aluminum. Spray paving stones with two coats of sealer when fully cured. Consult the manufacturer of cement pavers to the calendar of the curing process.

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