Making Covers for Butterfly Chairs

Nov 3rd
Sculptural Butterfly Chairs
Sculptural Butterfly Chairs

The butterfly chairs is a cheap chairs retro decorating many of your rooms, studies, bedrooms and basements.


12 Picture Gallery: Making Covers for Butterfly Chairs

  1. Remove the old cover butterfly chairs carefully.
  2. Place the fabric with the wrong side up on a flat work surface and place the old blanket over her as a model.
  3. Cut a top and bottom piece for Cairo the piece with the main fabric and an upper and lower part of the supplementary material, adding an inch (1.2 cm) around all the edges to make room for the seams.
  4. Put the pieces together with the conflicting rights and you fit the edges. Sew the top of the main fabric to the bottom.
  5. Turn down an inch around the edge of the straight messy corner pieces and press the folds.
  6. Make fit the four corner pieces with complementary pieces of fabric with the wrong side facing corner on the right of the other pieces.
  7. Sets the main piece of fabric with additional setbacks faced fabric. Sew around the edges with a half an inch and 6-8 inches to flip open.
  8. Flip the cover of the chair to the right queered outside and closes the opening to sew by hand with care.
  9. Put new siding on the butterfly chairs frame to pass the corner pockets on it.

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