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July 27, 2019 Nursery Beddings

Making Great Dane Dog Beds

Great Dane dog beds – While you can buy a dog bed for your Great Dane, there are several options that you can take to make one large bed for your canine friend. If you like crafts or sewing, this can be a useful project that lets you create a dog bed that can be better than one that is for sale in a store.

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Instructions to make Great Dane dog beds: consider the size of your dog.

Decide the type of bed you want to do. You might want to add a padded edge around the bed, or may simply want a rectangular bed that is very comfortable for your Great Dane. Buy the materials you need to make the bed.

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Use foam rubber as a guide, measure and cut the top and bottom parts of the bed cover, leaving an extra 5-8-inch seam. Next, measure the sides of the rubber foam and cut the material for parts of the roof, leaving again in sewing extra 5-8-inch.

Sew the bed cover on a sewing machine, with a point from 10-12 stitches per inch. First sew closing, make sure it is on the outside when you turn around the cover inside out. Then, join the rest. Finally, to make Great Dane dog beds slide the cover over the foam rubber and closes closing.

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