Making Placemats for Burlap Tablecloth

Oct 28th
Trendy Burlap Tablecloth
Trendy Burlap Tablecloth

The burlap tablecloth is attractive and functional accessories for the dining room or kitchen table. They are inexpensive to manufacture and use, because the underlay is inexpensive.


12 Picture Gallery: Making Placemats for Burlap Tablecloth

  1. Cut rectangles of 18 by 12 inches (45 by 30 cm) for each burlap tablecloth.
  2. Simply start pulling a thread on one side and these begin to sag, continues pulling these until you brought completely. Repeat the procedure for each of the four edges to create a termination on the burlap tablecloth individually.
  3. Use the pen with disappearing ink fabric to draw a design on burlap.
  4. Plan the colors of yarn that you use to sew your design on burlap tablecloth.
  5. Choose a thread color to start with and going 12 inches (30 cm) of thread through the needle.
  6. Insert the needle up from the bottom of burlap at a point of your design. Make straight stitches along this to sketch the design on the burlap.
  7. Fill with the thread pattern on burlap tablecloth and raised in Step 4 Make the outlines first and then if you want you can fill in areas with a burlap satin stitch.
  8. Change the colors of thread as necessary, making a small knot in the bottom of the burlap, thread cutting and threading the needle one another color.

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