Making Solid Wood Armoire

Nov 25th
Solid Wood Armoires And Wardrobes
Solid Wood Armoires And Wardrobes

Solid wood armoire – If you are going to install wood walls in your new closet, there is no need not to go all-out and install cedar walls. Cedar is a favored area for wardrobes because the powerful, clean scent of the wood carries the clothes and bumps away the butterflies. Cedar is installed as well as other types of wooden walls, with nuts and spouts as you hang horizontally over the bare studs in the wardrobe instead of hanging plaster.


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Measure the width of one of your cedar boards with a tape measure and add 1/2 inch. Measure the distance up from the solid wood armoire floor on one of the wall controls and mark the place with a pen. For example, if your boards are 8 inches wide, the mark should be 8 1/2 inches from the floor. Hold the water pass horizontally across the wall where you made the pencil marker. Select all studs at that level.

Measure the width of the solid wood armoire wall. Cut a length of cedar board to this measurement on a saw blade. Place the board horizontally above the lines below the highlighted line. Place the spring side facing upwards, with a 1/2 inch space below it. Push nails from your trim nail gun through the face of the board where it crosses the rules. Put a nail near the top of the board and close the bottom of each bolt it crosses. Cut the next plank the same length. Put it on top of the first one, locking the groove down over the tongue. Attach the other board by pushing a nail per stud through the top edge of the board, right next to the tongue.

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