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Oct 28th
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Cedar pergola – Pergolas are aesthetic elements in the courtyards and gardens. Cedar arbors are common because cedar structures outdoors are attractive and have a long life. However, pressure-treated wood is also an option because it is durable against putrefaction damage if held on a regular basis. Cedar deters insects naturally and fungi growth patterns and cedar are not prone to cracking or distortion. However, if properly and regularly sealed, pressure-treated wood is often more durable when it comes to messages that are in direct and prolonged contact with the ground.

Cedar pergola is usually bone dry and this process removes much of their moisture before being transported. As a result, the cedar wood does not lose its shape or warp like wood pressure-treated unsealed done because the pressure-treated wood often comes in a sodden state.

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If sealed on an annual basis, cedar pergola keeps most of its color and natural look. Pressure-treated wood is usually tinted green and this color will fade if not sealed or stained annually. In addition, to reduce the arches and cracks, pressure-treated wood should be sealed with a specialized agent right after pergola structure was erected.

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