Modern Features of Truck Bed Drawer Slides

Mar 3rd
Truck Bed Storage Style Ideas
Truck Bed Storage Style Ideas

Truck Bed Drawer Slides – Truck bed hoist users will get to see more and more features as manufacturers. Furthermore, they are always on the move to make everything easy for the people. One such addition in the truck bed hoist family is the crane that makes use of pump. This certain model has more weight capability as opposed to the older versions. Users also have the choice of the kind of material that will be put into the body.

This latest model has kinds of body options. First is the aluminum flatbed with tool boxes and the Warner crane body. For those who want to preserve their truck bed hoist, the aluminum body is intended to be very durable. You can never tell where the hoist will be used or what load will you be carrying. Once you have an aluminum body, you will not worry about it getting rusty in the slightest drop of water.

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The second is the compartments. Note that these compartments can be flipped over. This will be most helpful once you are occupied with operating the machine and you need only one hand available to get what you need from these compartments. By the term compartment and drawer, what comes to mind might be something that is small and compact. This is not the case with truck bed hoists. These drawers and compartments are big enough to hold welders and generators.

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