Modern Storage Bed Plan

Jun 14th
White Modern Storage Bed
White Modern Storage Bed

Modern storage bed is the most common under-bed storage method, simply because they allow easy access without touching your hands and knees. But the best box setup for your bed may not be what you expect. While traditional cabinetry and box construction technology can be used with great success for storing smaller goods, there are size and weight restrictions on what can be saved in this way. The hardware required to support large objects can be bulky, and additional complexity can make your boxes less reliable.

An easy-to-use alternative to modern storage bed is a four-wheel box. A front panel, which may extend beyond the top and sides of the box, and long enough to cover the gap where wheels are, gives the impression of a traditional box. Leave a 1/2 inch gap between the bottom of this panel and the floor for easy use. A standard drawer handle or two mounted on this panel finishes the appearance. These quasi-boxes can cover the entire width of the bed, as long as there is room to pull them out and access the content.

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Storage areas with gaps are also popular choices for a modern storage bed. As a general rule, the depth of these departments depends on how flexible the user, the size of the storage space must be weighed against the ease of access. Because of this, spaces with doors will often be only half the deep bed, sometimes less. Do not forget that doors do not need to open from side to side. If the top doors will work better for your situation (or the items you want to save), please use them. Do not forget to add hardware to support these doors in open mode while you access the bed content.

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