Modern White Dresser Ideas

Jan 25th
White Modern Drawer Dresser
White Modern Drawer Dresser

A cheap laminate modern white dresser is a practical piece of furniture, but it is rarely the focus of anyone’s decor. The slippery surfaces of these pieces were difficult to refinish in the past. In recent years, color companies have developed new methods for joining laminates and other plastics. Colors made especially for laminate and Formica are available in a rainbow of colors. Choose a shade that completes the decor to refinish your laminate dressing in one piece that you can be proud of.


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Lay out a tarpaulin in a sheltered patio or indoors with good ventilation. Put laminate suits on top of tarp. Carefully grind all surfaces you want to paint. Clean the grinding residue with a cloth please. Remove all boxes. Use a screwdriver to loosen them from the box track hardware, if applicable. Remove all the modern dresser pull hardware and set aside. Put the boxes on the tarp with their fronts up. Touch the paint carefully with a paint stick. Pour some of the color into a color-rolling tray. Add the color of the curvy frame suits, beginning at the top. Use a low nap roll to larger surfaces and a brush with flared or split hair caps for smaller areas. Paint boxing pieces and edges as well. Iron a second time when the first coat is dry. The process may take up to 24 hours, depending on the color manufacturer’s recommendations. Allow the paint to dry and cure for at least three days. Put the drawers back in the suits frame. Reinstall hardware.

Tips and warnings

Buy new, upgraded hardware for a more expensive look. Remove the tape and paint the dash or paint each box a different color for a modern look. If you do not find laminate paint, apply a laminate primer before painting. Paint smoke can be poisonous.

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