Nautical Nursery Decor Ideas

Oct 17th
Nautical Nursery Decor Stylish
Nautical Nursery Decor Stylish

A nautical nursery decor allows the opportunity to experiment with materials and objects that are not traditionally used in a child’s room. Nautical Nurseries can be customized to suit both boys and girls, or may be left gender neutral.

One way to add a touch of nautical nursery decor, while creating additional space for viewing or storage is to use part of an old boat racks. To evoke images of navigating by the stars, use star accents around the nursery. To evokes images of sea navigation, use the compass as a decorating theme

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For an elegant nursery, paint the walls a deep shade of blue and use white furniture, carpet, ceiling paint and accessories to accentuate the space and keep it from being too dark. To accent pieces, try blue and white striped baskets, curtains, pillows or to add a more formal attire and maritime sails fantasy.

Use items of furniture reminiscent of the sea to complete the nautical nursery decor water. You could frame a graphic ocean to hang on the wall, or find a seagull in wood carved and painted to sit on top of shelf. To add light and a touch of the sea, search for a lamp with wheel or the anchoring base of a vessel.

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