Popular Marble Table Tops

Nov 5th
round marble table tops
round marble table tops

One of favorite stones to decorate is marble. Marble table tops are a material that distinguishes environment where it is located, and very durable. Here are some tips for cleaning and care.

Marble is a beautiful and noble stone. Keep it cleans helps preserve and durability.  first thing to know is that this material is very porous, so it absorbs stains easily , but at same time gives us benefit that often come with success if you act promptly.

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Most widely used method for cleaning marble table tops is very simple; simply must pass a sponge or cloth soaked in a mixture of soap and water.

If there has been any rust or rust marks on floor for action of some furniture, it is recommended to use water and lemon (juice). You can also add a little salt.

When vinegar or lemon is used to remove any stain, keep in mind that is corrosive to stone, so it must be used carefully. Otherwise, we can ruin marble table tops unresolved. To avoid this, apply mixture on stain, rub gently for a few minutes and rinsed it with soap and water. If stain persists, have to retry operation, taking care not to act than a few minutes on stone.

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