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August 4, 2018 Blind & Curtains

Repairing Bamboo Roman Shades

Bamboo roman shades are very popular in recent times as many people like the look and ease of these window treatments. With daily use, however, certain things can go wrong with them. These problems have simple solutions that just about anyone can do. A few short steps they repaired the two most common problems with bamboo blinds.

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Remove the shutters wall brackets, and lay them on a table. Exposing knots securing the cable and chain together on top of the shutters by removing the clips located in the top of the knots. Disconnect the cable if the staircase lifting chain that enables the blinds to move up and down – is broken or twisted. The elevator rope is being pulled to raise and lower the bamboo roman shades. The hoisting pull along the two pulleys, one at a time. First down and then pull out.

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Take the string outside the tube extending through the top of the blind. Remove the strings of the lower blade and then the bamboo roman shades slats. Place a brand new rope ladder again on the tablets, and replace strings to the bottom of the blinds and the tube at the top, just as you took off the ropes, but in reverse order.

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