Rustic Storage Bed in Small Room

Jan 2nd
Wood Rustic Storage Bed
Wood Rustic Storage Bed

Rustic storage bed – Most couples who sleep together prefer a queen bed to a full-size bed. However, taking a queen mattress, 60 inches wide and 80 inches tall, up to at least 35 square meters-and it can be a lot in a small bedroom. Additionally, you have space to maneuver around the bedroom, including entry to the bed from both sides. It takes some planning, but you’ll find the best position for a queen bed in a small bedroom


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Select a rustic storage bed that is not bulky. Footboards are usually not necessary, and sleigh style bedspreads can take up at least 6 inches of space between the bed and the wall. Measure the dimensions of the bed, including the frame. You will not only have to consider how much floor space it takes, but also every part of the bed that stretches beyond its footsteps. Measure your room and drag it to the wave of a piece of paper. Include the location and size of windows, wardrobes and doors, remember to note how much space you need to open doors.

Draw your rustic storage bed to scale about another piece of paper and cut out. On the previous checked paper drawing of your bedroom, try placing the bed in different places. You will want at least 2 meters between the sides of the bed and the wall. Avoid placing the headrest of the bed along a window if possible. This can be dangerous in the event of a storm. You are also more likely to get cold in bed during the winter if you sleep next to the window.

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