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September 26, 2019 Baby Quilt Ideas

Scrap Quilt Patterns Ideas

Scrap quilt patterns are some of the most comfortable and cozy bedding and are especially comfortable during the cold winter months. Because the quilts are so big, bulky and fragile, they can be very hard to clean. It is possible to clean these duck duvets at home if the correct procedure is followed. In just a few hours your duck cover can be as fresh as the day you bought it

Amazing Scrap Quilt Patterns

Amazing Scrap Quilt Patterns


Check your scrap quilt patterns for any holes or hooks in the material. If there are any holes in the material, the duck will spring out when the blanket is washed, and the cover will be destroyed. If you find any holes, take the paddle to a seam stick to repair and patch the holes. Clean stains with stain remover and a soft brush. These can be rinsed off and dried in the sun. In many cases, this is the only amount of laundry that a blanket needs if it is covered by a duvet cover. You should rarely wash duck cover even more than once a year.

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Wash the scrap quilt patterns in a large washing machine. Many personal washing machines are not big enough to handle the cover of centrifugation. It is best to take the blanket to a washing machine and wash it in a large machine. Use a very mild detergent and mildest cycle. Wipe duck down duvets in the drying cabinet or with ropes to wipe it outdoors. If the dryer is used, take the blanket out every 20 minutes to break down lumps and lint outwards. It will probably take several hours to completely dry the rug.

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