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July 24, 2019 Outdoor & Backyards

Simple Hog Wire Fence Ideas

A simple way to add a hog wire fence to your yard is to mix pieces of wire with existing historical monuments in the courtyard, among the oldest trees. It is best if the trees are spaced evenly or are close enough to run the cable from one tree to another. If the trees in your yard are farther apart, break up the space between the older trees branches or branches cut existing trees. Trees and branches serve as poles for the fence. You will need to dig holes for and install branches on ground. Dirt or concrete supports full branches in place. Coat chicken or hog wire fence around each post and pull the cable to the next branch. Wrap wire around the branch and continue until cable reaches each branch or tree.

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Brick is an alternative to wood used in a hog wire fence. Stacked bricks or stone pieces serve as posts and mortar prevents tipping parts. Stack the bricks or stones to the near post and slide the piece of wire between the mortars that bind the wire firmly to the pole. Move the thread to the next location and repeat the guide post. Alternatively, install the posts and then wrap the wire around each pole.

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