Sweet Flower Quilt Patterns

Nov 15th
Small Flower Quilt Patterns
Small Flower Quilt Patterns

The use of soft flower quilt patterns can be the cause of many of the first ones. And apparently it can also increase the risk of SIDS. So it is still necessary to remind parents that the baby should sleep in a very spartan crib . And not just that, but do so by putting the babies in the supine position. That is, face up, but with the head cocked. Apparently, babies who die of SIDS are more often with bedding over their heads than babies of the same age that do not die.

It also happens when babies are face down and have a pillow, flower quilt patterns or soft toy underneath. And the co-sleeping? The “anti-roll” and the soft-bars protectors are less dangerous. But they are also consider dispensable. Because the baby could be stuck to them and have difficulty breathing while sleeping.

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This safe place seems not to fit too much with the usual recommendation of sleeping with the baby. However, it is not really that far away. Because one of the things that is always said so that collecting with the baby is safe is that the mattress must be firm. The flower quilt patterns well taken and that the baby is not close to cushions, pillows , blankets or really, nothing soft that can cover him or his head .


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