The Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

Aug 8th
Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Tutorial
Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Tutorial

Wedding ring quilt pattern is one of the most popular and popular blankets of all time. It’s also one of the most detail, frustrating and time-consuming patterns of quilt you’ve ever tried, but it will eventually end up in vain. Most of the quilts in the past were made of old worn out garments to make a blanket for warmth in winter. Our ancestors did not have the privilege as we do today to go to the store and choose what fabric they want; be it color or print options. The “utility” blankets as they are referred to need to be made fast and fast with the fabric they have.

Wedding ring quilt pattern is usually created as a “special” blanket for weddings or birthdays. As the years progressed and interest in quilting increased, many old patterns became popular again. I’m sure the pattern of the Double Wedding Ring never loses its popularity. I think most quilters feel intimidated and overwhelmed thinking about the thousands of pieces and the time involved in making a double wedding ring faster.

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Because of the fabric bias (stretching) pieces when cut, curved connections. Even experienced quilters sometimes shy away from this pattern and some overcome it as a challenge. With the introduction of rotary cutters, piecing strips, cutting mats, acrylic templates and so many other useful quilting tools available now, the manufacturing process wedding ring quilt pattern and almost all quilts are easier and faster than ever before.


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