Tips to Building Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Apr 21st
White Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Armoire
White Stand Up Mirror Jewelry Armoire

Stand up mirror jewelry armoire which are loose on walls or other furniture for support, is their flexibility – you can move the device around your home as you please. If you do not want to spend money on a pre-assembled one, build yourself using basic plywood and common hardware.


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Use pen and tape measure to pull pieces needed for stand up mirror jewelry armoire on plywood boards. Draw two pieces for the sides measuring 60 inches by 20 inches. Draw four pieces for the top, bottom and shelves measuring 30 inches by 20 inches. Finally, pulling two pieces measures 60 inches by 30 inches for the back and closet doors. (These measurements are for a medium sized 5-foot high cabinet.) Cut pieces from one at a time using jigsaw and group as the sizes together, so you do not get confused. Use sandpaper to remove sowing residues and splits from the edges.

Place the two side pads down and grab the pen and tape measure. Measure 1/2 inch inward from both ends in one piece and makes a line at each stand up mirror jewelry armoire end. From one of the lines, measure 19.33 inches and make a line. Repeat this pattern on the other side post. Take one of the 30-inch with 20-inch shelf pieces and line up perpendicular to one of the side pieces. Place it so that the end of the smaller piece fits into one of the half-inch spaces dragged in the previous step. Connect two using hammers and two nails so that the nails extend into smaller pieces of the two. Repeat this step with the remaining three.

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