Trimming a Drying Racks

Oct 9th
Drying Racks Image
Drying Racks Image

The wood drying racks have many household uses. They can be used to dry sweaters and other garments that are not freshly washed into a dryer hot. Smaller racks can be used in the kitchen to dry freshly washed herbs and vegetables along with homemade pasta noodles. Since these racks are made ​​of wood, can be cut on each side to fit a specific space in a small house.


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  1. Place the paper on a flat surface, and then unmeant the drying racks on top of it. Most wooden racks are built in basic form and held together by screws, while other slats are secured by holes in the frame. Loosen the screws with a screwdriver or slide parts. Separate portions of the frame holding the garments or vegetables, which are the recorders.
  2. Measures the size drying racks has to be. Make the measurement in the strips dry with a pen or pencil indicating where you need to cut. Note that when finished, the drying rack must be properly balanced. Depending on the model, you may have to trim a little of both sides.
  3. Be sure to cut the paper in order to prevent the wood powder from dropping. Once the pieces are of the correct length, reassembles the drying rack.

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