Unfinished Armoire Ideas

Mar 29th
Unfinished Armoire Storage
Unfinished Armoire Storage

Unfinished armoire is an alternative to wooden doors and ads reflected light to a room as well as giving a large mirrored surface. However, the mirror coating on the back of the mirrors can be scratched or worn and the front of the glass can receive scratches or look faded over time. You can renovate mirrored wardrobe doors or update them with a total makeover or any added decorations. Achieve an elegant style or simple makeover with purchased window film, or use acrylic or glass paints to decorate some or the entire mirror surface.


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Window Film

Determine if you want to cover all an unfinished armoire or only parts of the window film area. Choose what kind of appearance you want, such as an etched glass, stained glass or plain frosted glass look. Clean the mirrored door with a window sill or mild soap and water. Wipe the surface thoroughly with a lint-free cloth or tissue paper.

Measure the unfinished armoire and trim the film to fit the area you plan to apply it to. Cut to fit the entire surface or trim down to fit a corner or other smaller part of the mirrored door. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to apply the movie to your mirror. Select starting points and work downwards from the top or up from the bottom to apply parts of window film to the mirror. Pull some of the surface and roll away from the movie you are working. Smooth the film on the mirror to avoid wrinkles.

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