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Use Coffee Glaze for Antique Armoires

Antique armoires – Time for preparation is never wasted and will pay back in the quality of finish. The coffee stain will slip into some small flaws, giving an impression of age.

Amazing Antique Armoires

Amazing Antique Armoires


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Remove all existing targets from the antique armoires, using a suitable method. Protect the floor with newsprint and wear a breathing mask. Use medium sandpaper, followed by fine quality to provide a smooth but open fine-grained surface. Wipe the cover with a damp cloth to remove any residual dust. Allow it to dry properly. Brew coffee and allow it to cool to room temperature. Always use freshly brewed coffee, land or moment. Stale coffee oxidizes and produces a less effective stain.

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Apply coffee with a clean brush or by dipping a cloth into coffee and rub it on. Keep applying the coffee for about 15 minutes to keep the wood wet and open to absorb the stain. Coffee glaze gives a varied effect; some areas take the spot better than others. This color variation is leveling out as the cabinet dries and looks completely natural. Assess the color time thoroughly dry; Apply more coffee stain if needed. Make a new brew of coffee for each application. Light wood, such as white pine, will darken quite easily but dark wood will show less effect. Apply one or two layers of water-based paint to the antique armoires, sand easily between the rocks. Allow the cabinet to stand for 78 hours before using for the purpose of curing. Alternatively, seal with a natural beeswax polish.

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