Wall Mounted Dresser Ideas

Nov 27th
Wall Mounted Floating Dressing Table
Wall Mounted Floating Dressing Table

Wall mounted dresser are usually stand-alone. They consist of a clothed frame has a door that is open and closed with a zipper and is fitted with a tile that is suitable for hanging clothes. Many people use wall dresser when they do not have enough space in their wardrobes. If you are interested in lifting your wall dresser to save floor space, it can be rigged for suspension by adding feeds. You can hang the ceilings in the wardrobe from the ceiling with hooks and chains.


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Add curtain feeds at the four corners on the top of the wall cabinet. To add a run, place it in the corner and trace the inner circle with a marker. Cut the circle with a scissors, and then place half of the bushing around one side of the hole and the other half round to the other side of the hole. Place the collars on a wooden block, place a feeder put on top of the collars and hit the back of the feeder seat with a hammer to lock the two halves together. Paste the roof hooks in the ceiling where you want to hang in the closet.

A shifting bolt is inserted through the hole in the ceiling, after which the bolt is opened. The arms should secure the hook from the opposite side of the plaster. Screw hooks by hand. Put hooks through the collars on the wardrobe. Press hooks through the collars from the inside of the wardrobe. Use different types of roof hooks that have flanged bottom so that they get stuck on the collars. Connect equal lengths of lamp chain from hooks on top of the wardrobe hooks on the ceiling to hang your wardrobe.

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