Ways to Refinishing Dresser

Jul 31st
Stain a Dresser
Stain a Dresser

When painting and refinishing dresser back to the original design, you need to clean the suits properly. Make sure all color has been removed; you will want to use a paint remover to remove any layers of paint that may be in the antique office. Remove the drawers so that you can clean the edges as well. When all color has been removed, you will want to drop the dresser, to remove any oblique and bumps. You will now be able to see the wood fibers and can choose which type of paint stains to use. The seed of wood, you can determine how bright or dark a bets you want to use. Color antique dressing and allow drying, and then adding a clear top coat.

Antique Dresser Makeover

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When you start over a refinishing dresser, you will want to clean entire suits and drawers with mild soap and water, remove any dirt or film that may have accumulated on it. Allow to dry and clean again. Remove any hardware, such as knobs or handles before grinding or painting. Certain grinding may be necessary, such as edges and corners, and can be done with fine sandpaper. Always make sure that the sand is in the fiber direction. Clean again and see all dust removed. Then apply a primer color. When the primer is dry apply an even cost to a side-paint finish. Restart attachment details to antique agency or add new hardware.

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