White Double Dresser Ideas

Sep 3rd
White Lacquer Double Dresser
White Lacquer Double Dresser

There is no reason why you cannot build white double dresser; they are nothing but boxes. The only distinctive factor from a typical box is a dado or channel at the bottom of both sides. The dado supports the box bottom and the box contents. Use simple equations to determine the size of the box, and build it with common materials. You do not need nice joints. Contemporary furniture makers know that complicated joints are not necessary on boxes; they are usually for aesthetics.


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Measure the depth of the opening from the inside to the back of the double cabinet and subtract 3 inches to determine the depth or front-to-back dimension of the box. Measure the width of the box opening and subtract 1 ½ inches to determine the width of the box – the length of the rear panel. Rip four 3/4 inch thick hardwood plywood to the height of the box with a table saw. For example, if the box opens measures 6 inches, rip plywood to 5 inches. Cut two pieces to length using a saw.

Subtract 1 ½ inches from the width of the box to allow for the thickness of the side posts. Cut the remaining two pieces of plywood when measuring with a saw. Subtract 4/3 inches from the width of the two pieces. Rip them to the measurement with the table seen. If the two pieces are 5 inches wide, rip them to 4¼ inches. These two pieces are the front and back of the white double cabinet. Install a 3/8 inch dado blade on a table saw. Lock fence down 3/8 inches from the right side of the blade.

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