Winter Gem Boxwood Hedge

Oct 10th
Winter Gem Boxwood Hedge Ideas
Winter Gem Boxwood Hedge Ideas

Winter Gem Boxwood Hedge – The boxwood hedge jewel of winter is resistant variety boxwood. It is hardy in USDA zones 5-9 USA and retains its vibrant color throughout the year. This box requires regular care to look their best, but will continue to add color to the landscape for many seasons if properly cared for.

Winter gem boxwood reaching heights of 4-6 feet, they have, medium bright green oval leaves that grow from the bottom up. Unlike most other boxwoods, gems winter are resistant to the harsh winter conditions leading to faded foliage. Small yellow flowers appear in late spring or summer, but not showy. Boxwood gem winter is not the favorites of deer, so a good choice for gardeners concerned about the animals. Shrubs are toxic if ingested.

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Winter gem boxwood prefers a planting site that receives full sun to half. They are not picky about soil conditions, but avoid constantly wet areas. When adding plants to the garden, he placed on the ground with its roots in the depth they were growing in the first place. An added layer of mulch over the root zone helps seal in moisture and prevents unsightly weeds from popping up.

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