Wooden Armoire with Shelves

Feb 17th
Large Wooden Armoire
Large Wooden Armoire

Wooden armoire is an asset in every home. You can never have enough storage space and armoires are a versatile way of storing food, clothes, bedding and other household items. If you have a closet that does not exactly fit your needs, it is relatively easy to fix the situation. Knowing how to organize an armoire with wooden shelves helps you make a closet in a custom storage solution


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Measure the width and depth of your wooden armoire so you know what size you need for the work to be cut to your shelves. Measure the height of the items that you will store in your armoire to determine how much space you need between the shelves.

Cut off the plywood on a table saw or circular saw to form shelves size to fit into the wooden armoire. Cut the shelves exactly the width and depth of your closet for a tight fit. If you have trouble inserting the shelves, or if your closet is not completely square, trim shelves a 1/8 inch at a time until you are satisfied with the fit. Paint or paint shelves and allow drying. Mark on the wall on the inside of the wardrobe to show where the consoles should be installed for the shelves to be at the right height. Use a bracket as your guide and mark the location of each screw hole for each bracket.

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